This page provides a preview of work I'm did to create some generic game building techniques for use in VRML and X3D scenes. The scene makes use of the Herbert Stocker's follower nodes ( to control the baddies and how they move around the environment.

This isn't a proper project, just something I'm doing in my spare time. The next set of features i plan to work on (apart from finding a decent story to base the game on) is to use some random number generation to automate new room layouts and randomise the positioning of game assets each time the scene is loaded (and maybe when the in-game reset button is pressed). For now all you get to do is try and avoid letting the baddies catch you, collect and select weapons, sample the joys of invincibility and explore the currently static room layouts. Also there is a very un-button like looking button (blue glowing thing) on the left hand side of the HUD that lets you into some other features such as showing baddie positions on the map and resetting your health level and correctable weapons.

All cool ideas welcomed along with anyone who'd care to collaborate on turning this into something interesting. I have some more scenes that I plan on using for additional levels though i probably won't connect those until some more of the underlying stuff gets finished (I still need to make some animations to run when the baddies get killed and write some scripts that use the weapons to initiate the baddie slaying. I also have the networking stuff ready to make this a multi-user game though I still have to implement some dead reckoning for position updates (a la DIS) (and finish of the PhD that i developed the generic communication system for). Additionally, it's probably best to apologise in advance for the shameful star wars rip off I've used for the credits messages.

The scene is being primarily developed using the Octaga browser and is currently unlikely to work in other browsers without editing (though will hopefully be cross browser compatible when completed). In particular when using the BS Contact browser the navigation doesn't work very well, this may just be a matter of tweaking the avatar setting, I'll play with it when get some more time. The scene is in a compressed (gzip) format with comments removed, contact me if you want a commented uncompressed version