This is a cut down version of scene i made while i was experimenting with texture generation and some of the MPEG4 features supported by the Octaga Professional browser. The original scene is for local use and has about 500meg of video, audio and alternative texture resources. I've removed most of the large files and alternative texture files as well re-compressing the existing textures to better suit Internet delivery from a restricted bandwidth server. The MPEG4 features have also been removed to make the file compatible with standard browsers.

The scene contains a large number of cameras which can be accessed using the PageUp and PageDown key on the keyboard.

The texture generation process for this scene made use of radiosity in the original texture baking pass and 2D post processing to create multiple variations. The original intention had been to transform a scene to using an ink and paint material (without radiosity) however the outline component of these material are commonly ray-traced and therefore view-dependent so produced unpredictable results in the texture baking process. The later iterations used variety of materials with simple diffuse values and post-processing to create outline effects.