Ben's Kitchen

I'm interested in collaborative network communication for the visual components of virtual prototyping simulations. My work in this area lead to the creation of a set of Web 3D assets that support multi-user activities and interaction with interfaces, devices and simulations via a network. The nodes are called VSAC and VSAM, VSAM is the Visual Simulation Attribute Messenger and VSAC is the Visual Simulation Attribute Connector. This site is where i share the 3D models I use in my work and samples of the code I use to control them.

A significant guiding influence for this work is the VRTP design rationale by Don Brutzman, Mike Zyda, Kent Watsen and Mike Macedonia. My work followed this and nore recent works, though focuses on solving challenges presented by the age of ubiquitous computing and the broad range of interactions that designers and design tools need to prototype interoperability on this scale. To help work on this challenge I created a flexible communication service to support the breadth of the challenge and the diversity of external interactions needed to carry out this type of prototyping. The aim was to be simple, fast & generic. If you think think you might be interested in trying my network communication nodes or supporting application collection please contact me directly, this is an area of work that interest me.